Fariha Gillani
2 min readMar 19, 2021


If money does not make you happy, then you probably are not spending It right?

Is money and happiness are related to each other? What is true happiness….?

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.”

Dalai Lama

According to my perspective, as happiness is a state of being happy that could be joy, satisfaction and gratitude. Generally, there are two school of thoughts one who believe that money is source of prosperity and happiness in their lives but others believe that money is just a number and not a sign of joy. Now, the question arose that why money is not prospering them? although money compete our necessities. So, in my opinion there is weak connection between money and happiness because the ways of spending money are different among people. Like shopping expenditures, purchase little pleasures rather than the big ones, squander on others to make them happy, and consider how their purchase affect day to day life.

Money is a chance of happiness, but it is an opportunity that people daily spend Because the things which they think will make them happy but often don’t. So here come hedonic consequences when people make prediction about their future events that they will achieve happiness but in reality, it wrongs.

In conclusion I would say that there are multiple reasons upon which spending money does not make you happy. Moreover, if money doesn’t make someone HAPPY than we would also say that for that person happiness is something else than money like he would be happy by caring and loving his loved ones, by helping the poor and needy, giving ease and unburdened someone and the things that bring long-lasting happiness because by money you can buy things can’t win someone’s heart and emotions. Similarly, in my point of view money is necessary to fulfill the needs of life but happiness for me something which brings mental peace, helping others, satisfaction on achieving my goals, and spending time with family. As well as to me it matters a lot where I invest my money and I assure that it is on right place which also leads to happiness.

“Money doesn’t buy happiness, money buy choices. It is what you do with those choices that makes you happy.”

This is all about my point of view. Now share your opinion what do you think Is really happiness depend upon money?…