What are major Personality perspectives?

Fariha Gillani
2 min readMar 31, 2021

Personality perspectives

The consider of identity is one of the major themes of intrigued in brain research. Various identity hypotheses exist and most of the major ones drop into one of four major viewpoints. Each of these points of view on identity endeavors to portray diverse designs in identity, counting how these designs shape and how individuals contrast on an person level.

Illustration by JR Bee, Verywell

Psychoanalytic Perspective:

The psychoanalytic viewpoint of identity emphasizes the significance of early childhood encounters and the oblivious intellect. This point of view on identity was made by therapist Sigmund Freud who accepted that things covered up within the oblivious might be uncovered in a number of diverse ways, counting through dreams, free affiliation, and slips of the tongue.

Humanistic Perspective:

The humanistic point of view of identity centers on mental development, free will, and individual mindfulness. It takes a more positive viewpoint on human nature and is centered on how each individual can accomplish their person potential.

Trait Perspective:

The characteristic point of view of identity is centered on distinguishing, depicting, and measuring the particular characteristics that make up human personality. By understanding these characteristics, analysts accept they can way better comprehend the contrasts between people.

Social Cognitive Perspective:

The social cognitive point of view of identity emphasizes the significance of observational learning, self-efficacy, situational impacts, and cognitive forms.